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This is Codemi

A collection of experienced developers

We provide solutions that truly fit your needs. We believe there are no 'ready' solution that happen to serve you just fine out of a box. Every case is individual. Every line we write is.

Codemi is up to date

We utilize top trending technologies

.NET platform with all its great tools and techs assures great experience for programmer and customer alike. While its simply enjoyable to write - its a pure pleasure to use.

Refined solutions


Our core competencies

  • Thanks to our background in data processing solutions are optimal and designed for considerable data load.
  • Web technologies undergo dynamic changes - and we put a great effort to stay up to date.
  • Agile approach allows rapid changes during developement allowing great flexibility.
  • Microsoft solutions are a great choice for enterprise internal platforms.
Data process and analysis
6 years
Web developement
5 years
Agile approach and management
4 years
Microsoft solutions
> 1 year

What We Offer

following list only scratches the surface of what we can

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Data processing and analysis

  • Data migrations

  • Optimizations

  • Data / text mining

  • Machine learning

Web developement


  • Resposive Web Design

  • Interactive front-end

  • JS frameworks and libraries


  • Agile / SCRUM

  • T&M and fixed projects

  • Body leasing

  • Modern contact tools

Microsoft solutions

  • Server administration

  • Exchange Web Services

  • Sharepoint developement

  • Azure developement

Your satisfaction is our priority

Our Technologies

Take a closer look on what will build your future app

Back end

Operates on the server ensuring persistance, fast and reliant execution

Front end

What makes applications interactive, responsive and pleasure to use


What we use to organize our project. 'We' stands for both us and our clients!